Jobs and Professions

Officer / Harbor Command

The testimony of Loïc SINQUIN - Harbor master - Nice.
To discover the mission of the Port Commander, true guarantor of the proper coordination of activities and operations within the framework of regulations and compliance with safety and security measures. In addition to navigation experience, this officer, a true reference for the port, must be competent in management, safety, security and know the sea and ships.

Harbor master

The testimony of Jean-Christophe BAS - Harbor Master - Cannes.
Discover the role of coordination and traffic regulation played by the Port Master. Pleasure, cruising, coastal transport, the harbor master is at the heart of the comings and goings of boats in a port. An exciting responsibility that requires interpersonal skills, organizational skills and above all, a sense of service.

Maritime agent

The testimonial of Melissa VELOSO - Agent Maritime - Nice
The shipping agent is the link between all the port trades but also with the companies and service providers that the ship, its cargo or the crew may need during the call. Once the boat arrives, the maritime agent goes on board to explain to the captain how the stopover will be carried out, the loading methods… His challenge is to work as well and as quickly as possible because for the shipowner time is precious.

Yacht captain

The testimony of Eric PETITJEAN - Yacht Captain - Cannes.
Discover the role of the yacht captain between navigation, managing a multi-cultural crew, welcoming "guests" on board. A captain, a bit like the conductor of a "hotel on the water" who must be a good sailor, a good manager and cultivate an eye for detail.

Passenger ship captain

The testimony of Eric LALIEVE - Captain of a passenger ship - Cannes.
Discover the role of the ship captain in this maritime activity whose role is twofold:
ensure continuity between the mainland and the islands and enhance the region's tourist attractiveness.
The skills required Mechanical, boat side, Meteorological, sky side. And above all, the love of the sea, to be shared with passengers and tourists.


The testimony of Nicolas PLUMION - Pilot.
Wherever you are in the world, you always need the help of a pilot to assist the captains of boats entering and leaving roadsteads and harbors. Sense of coordination, navigation expertise, discover the driving forces behind one of the oldest port professions.

Staff on board / Sailor

The testimony of Marie ESTEVE - Staff on board / sailor - Cannes.
Total availability, resistance to work, the sailor does not count his hours to deserve the "adventure" of the trip. Precise maintenance of the boat, safety on board and always attentive to the captain's instructions. A total commitment that can only suit enthusiasts.

Professional fisherman

The testimony of Franck DUBIOSI - Professional fisherman - Cannes.
The sea is their playground. The activity of professional fishermen is essential for the territory and for the preservation of marine resources. As fishermen, their profession ranges from production to direct sales to consumers. And with their navigation experience, their versatility also allows them to access nautical activities and maritime transport.

Port maintenance and engineering

The testimony of Myriam PRIEUR - Engineer - Nice.
Discover the engineering profession, a fascinating mission at the interface of a multitude of other professions: local construction, public works and civil engineering companies, suppliers of electrical equipment, fittings and finally, upstream of any infrastructure project, design offices and architects. A professional vocation to explore if you have for yourself a technical curiosity, rigor and a sense of concrete results .

Refit and ship repair

The testimony of Franck SCALIA - Fairing area manager - Nice.
A fairing area is a pool of life. There are handlers, carpenters, joiners, careeners and even painters. The person in charge of the refit area is the one who manages the work of these trades for the benefit of customers. A practical and sustainable profession because it will always take a yard to maintain pleasure craft and yachting boats.

Crane operator

The testimony of Thierry TREDOULAT - Crane operator - Cannes.
Crane operators, an emblematic fairing profession, are there to lift the boats, ensure handling and secure the boats ... Mobile crane, gantry, forklift, nacelle ... Each machine has its qualifications. But there is a common denominator: practical skills and ability to work with a multitude of craftsmen ...

Cement transport

The testimony of Pascal PONSART - Transport Ciment - Nice.
Cement transport supplies concrete workers to all the major sites on the Côte d'Azur (construction of housing, civil engineering structures. A long-lasting and sustainable activity. Long-lasting because there will always be a need for cement. Sustainable because this sector is particularly concerned by reducing the carbon footprint and recycling waste ...