Demand for ship repair is linked to the number of ships in circulation, which has increased sharply both internationally and nationally.


France is the second largest manufacturer of recreational boats in the world and the first in Europe. The services deployed to intervene on ships involve meticulous organisation with several professions, limited intervention times and major constraints to preserve the seaworthiness of vessels.
A shipyard includes specific equipment, such as a lift, cranes, a dry dock or a refit basin.

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The Alpes-Maritimes have 37 careening areas in 24 ports (data of 2018).

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Atlas of port activities in the Alpes-Maritimes 2019
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To enable the recycling of end-of-life recreational boats, a consequence of the development of the French nautical industry in the 1960s, an extended producer responsibility (EPR) for recreational boats came into force in 2019. It provides in particular for the recycling of boats and the development of the circular economy.

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